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The eSmoking Institute was founded to gather information and...

The eSmoking Institute was founded to gather information and conduct research on the influence of e-smoking on human health. The far-reaching aim of the institute is to draw up standards for nicotine liquids and e-cigarettes. Introducing such a standard will allow the smokers to get more acquainted with the scope of products available on the market which should improve safety in this market segment. 

...only full knowledge 
of all the costs and benefits
of using e-cigarettes...

E-cigarettes are a new product and there is a dearth of information available on their actual effect. Hence, eSmoking Institute plans to gather and organize all the scientific publications and information on the subject of e-smoking, in particular, the data which compare regular cigarettes and e-cigarettes. This approach stems from the assumption that only full knowledge of all the costs and benefits of using e-cigarettes is of value to the society at large. For this reason, the final goal of the institute is to provide reliable information on the current findings made by the scientific world.

e-smoking from the chemical
and medical standpoint...

eSmoking Institute also plans to collaborate with renowned institutions from Poland and worldwide, which approach the issue of e-smoking from the chemical and medical standpoint. This collaboration is to conduct own research to shed more light on the effects of e-cigarettes on human health. 

The creation of new
chemical norms,
setting the standards...

As a consequence of these studies, chemical standards to establish allowable dosage of individual substances in the evaporated nicotine liquid shall be drawn up. Setting concrete standards allows to create a certificate which may be used as a guideline for smoker who purchase products in the as yet unregulated world of e-smoking.