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 Information for users of our website on cookies


This information has been prepared pursuant to the regulations under Art. 173 of the law dated July 16th, 2004 the telecommunication law (Journal of Laws of 2004, No. 171, Item 1800 as later amended).

We use cookies in our website called:
eSmokingInstitute, hereinafter the Website, available at:em:

What are cookies?

The cookies are small pieces of computer data, most often in the form of short text files, stored in the terminal of the User of our Website. An example of the User's terminal may be a computer (e.g. a PC, a laptop, a tablet) or another portable device (e.g. a smartphone).

In particular, cookies contain information about our Website's pages/subpages that the User visited, how long they are stored in the User's terminal and their unique numbers. Thanks to this information, our Website and we, being its administrators, can remember the User's preferences and customize the Website as needed by the User

Our Website does not automatically collect and save any information that would allow to identify the User, apart from the data in the cookies.

How can you manage your cookies?

The Users may manage the cookies used in our Website by modifying the settings of their web browsers accordingly. In particular, the User may delete cookies that were saved by our Website to the User's terminal (see item "What are cookies?"), by modifying the settings of the web browser accordingly.

We would like to inform that most web browsers by default accept saving and storing of cookies in the User's terminal, also by our Website. However, those Users who object to that may, at any time, modify the settings of their web browsers to block the automatic processing of cookies.

The User should search for the detailed information on how to modify the settings of the web browser in the website of the company making this software (the web browser) available.

For example, in:

1. Mozilla Firefox

Go to "Tools", select "Options" and click the "Privacy" tab.

The web browser allows the User to indicate that he/she does not wish to be tracked at all or to delete individual cookie files from selected websites.

2. Microsoft Internet Explorer

Go to "Tools", select "Internet Options" and click the "Privacy" tab.

The User may adjust the general privacy level with a special slider or click the "Websites" button to customize settings for individual websites.

3. Google Chrome

Open the menu in the web browser's top right corner, select "Tools" and click "Delete browsing data...". Apart from the possibility of deleting cookies, this menu shows the "More information" link that displays the detailed description of the web browser's privacy functions.

4. Apple Safari

Go to "Preferences" in the web browser's menu, and click the "Privacy" tab. This opens numerous options for handling cookie files.

However, the User should remember that the exclusions or limitations he/she applies to the handling of cookies by his/her web browser may make certain functionalities of our Website inaccessible. Please contact us if you have any related questions or problems. The contact information can be found in our Website's Regulations and in the Cookies politics tab.

Why do we use cookies?

As we have already indicated, we use cookie files in our Website to customize its content to give any User the best experience.

Cookies also let us develop browsing related statistics (the users stay anonymous, of course!) so that we can learn how our Website is used, which in turn tells us in which direction to develop it.

Thanks to cookie files, our Users can use our Website conveniently, especially once logged in, without having to type in their logins and passwords each time they go to new subpages of the Website.

What kind of cookies do we use?

We use two basic types of cookies in our Website:

1. "
session cookies", that are stored in the User's terminal until he/she leaves our Website or shuts down the web browser;

2. "permanent cookies", that are stored in the User's terminal for a time specified in the "fixed" parameters of cookie files or until they are deleted by the User;

The cookie files used by our Website may also be used by advertisers collaborating with the Website or by companies who develop anonymous visit statistics, at the Website's request.